Ten Must Have Oxwall Plugins

by Icdeon February 11, 2013
When using any CMS for a long enough time you’ll start to build up a list of plugins you always use. This is independent of the type of site you’re building and normally provides essential features like SEO and forums. Below is my list of Oxwall plugins I have active on nearly all my Oxwall […]

Oxwall RSS Sitemap

Oxwall RSS and Sitemap

by Icdeon February 11, 2013
It’s important for a website to have a RSS feed and Sitemap. The feed so people can add you to their newsreader and the sitemap so you can submit it to the various search engine webmaster tools. The RSS Feed and Sitemap Generator plugin by Aron does just that.
Oxwall Backup Genie

Backup Oxwall

by Icdeon January 29, 2013
Oxwall Backup Genie is another premium plugin by┬áPurusothaman Ramanujam, a well known Oxwall plugin author. With Backup Genie you can set a daily backup of your Oxwall files and/or database. You can set where you want the backup save and/or if you want it synced with another FTP server. Currently there’s no way to backup […]

Classifieds Oxwall

Classifieds Oxwall

by Icdeon January 22, 2013
Few things can be as hard to build up as a classifieds section, but few things keep a website going like an established Classifieds section. My advice to people who start a new classifieds section is to one; have the membership in place, two; have at least a 100 classifieds you can upload to fill […]
Oxwall SEO

Oxwall SEO

by Icdeon January 14, 2013
One of the most important parts of modern websites is still effective Search Engine Optimization or SEO.