Behind The Fold

Music & Fashion Videographer & Photographer


Michael Toman is an Ireland-based filmmaker and photographer who worked as a Graphic and Web Designer for 10 years before moving into film and photography. Six years ago Michael found himself filming a wedding for a friend and this event was the beginning of a journey into film-making that would take him all over the world telling stories for couples through a unique and alternative wedding filming style. You can check out his portfolio at Story of Eve.

Filming in a documentary style, Michael is quiet and unobtrusive. His approach is relaxed and natural, working fast and light with minimal gear.

Michael's youth was spent climbing trees, making bows and arrows, doodling in sketchbooks and telling ghost stories to anyone who would listen.

While a career in carpentry or tree climbing never took off, he has been fortunate enough to carve out a niche telling stories through film and photography for musicians and fashion brands.

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